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The ListJoburg project will document, photograph and rate the buildings of Johannesburg in terms of their cultural significance. The project has been commissioned by the Parktown and Westcliff Heritage Trust and the Heritage Department of the City of Johannesburg. The information generated by the project will be of value to developers, architects, activists, historians, affected communities and a whole host of other professions and interest groups. It is hoped that the project will improve the balance between heritage and development and promote a greater awareness of Johannesburg's urban environment.

A volunteer committee has been assembled to begin the listing process and will use its experience and diversity to achieve consensus on the cultural significance of a precinct or building. It is hoped that this work will act as a catalyst for the people of Johannesburg and South Africa to add to the knowledge and appreciation of our built environment.

The organisation believes that the preservation and publication of Johannesburg's historic and iconic spaces and places will play a significant role in the continued revitalisation of the inner city.


1.James Ball
2.Nikki Behrens
3.Lucille Davie
5.Brian McKechnie
7.Herbert Prins


Where to find us

From mid June 2012 ListJoburg work will be found at

Rating Methodology

  1. Identify Precinct
  2. Identify a block within the precinct and a building within the block
  3. Discuss the building keeping in mind the criteria from the Heritage Act 
  4. Through consensus rate the building using the scale: National, Provincial, Local, Listed or Not Applicable.
  5. Move onto next building/block/precinct


Herbert Prins, JamesBall

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