Old Goal, (Currently Heidelberg Moth Club) C/o Ueckermann and Jordaan streets, Heidelberg, Gauteng

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Condition fairly good
Date of origin 1888
Previous names n/a
Place Old jail, Heidelberg, Gauteng
Street C/o Ueckermann and Jordaan Streets, Heidelberg, Gauteng
Town Heidelberg 
Magisterial district Lesedi
Province Gauteng
Country South Africa
GPS coordinates 26°29’47.0”S  28°21’11.2”E
Planning authority name W.A de Rapper
Project architect/Designer
Commissioning owner
Current owner Members of Suikerborand Moths Shellhole
Current occupant Suikerbosrand Moths Shellhole
Previous uses hospital, home for the underprivileged, jail
Current use Suikerbosrand Moths (Memorable Order of Tin Hats) Shellhole
Classification/Typology (Data here)
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The Heidelberg old jail froms part of a number of historically significant sites in Heidelberg, invluding the Klipkerk, the concentration camp cemetary, the Transport Museum and the Suikerbosrand Diepkloof Farm. All of these were built in the 1800s and can therefore recognised to have heritage value to the origins of the town. It is also the spot where, on On 23 June 1902, Veldkornet SalmonVan As was executed by firing squad against the back wall of the jail, having been found guilty of the murder of Captain Ronlad Miers on 25 September 1901. Today the bullet holes from that execution can still be seen on the wall of the building.

Current known heritage status

The building is subject to Section 34 of the NHRA (25 of 1999) as the building is older than 60 years.

Possible interested and affected parties

The people that will have possible interest in this building would most probably be the descendants of the patients that was cared for in the hospital, the residents of the home for the poor and also the families of the murdered and the murderer (Captain Ronlad Miers and Veldkornet Van As.) The M.o.t.h.s also has an interest in the building as it dates back to the Boer War where their descentants fought.


Heidelberg developed as a typical rural Victorian town. Many buildings dating back to the period between 1890 and 1910 have been preserved.

The jail was built in 1888 and first served as a hospital and home for the underprivileged. The building has stood empty since 1963 when a new jail was built. It is now being restored.

Description of alterations with dates affected

On the left hand side of the building a pyramidal monument has been erected. The sandstone is more recently quarried. A fence around the jail has also been added

Description of site and/or structures and/or interior spaces

The architecture of this building can be described as Georgian/Second Vernacular due to the central placement of the main entrance door, the windows punched in on the facade, a small overhang and rectangular plan/footprint with gables on the short ends. The main construction materials used is sandstone, quarried from the nearby surrounding koppies of the Suikerbosrand. (Stylistic, elemental, size, and pertinent details)


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Shell hole

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